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Farming Matters:

Articles from Farming Matters are now all archived here and can be found using the links below, or using the search facility on Countryside Matters.

The Farming Matters website will cease to be a seperate site after May 2016

Articles from 1998-2015

Burning Issues 2005: - Food Additives; Rural Cash Machines; Transport - New

Burning Issues 2004: - GM Maize; Renewable energy; Supermarkets Day

Countryside Reports and Articles: - CRES, Christian Rural Concern and The John Ray Initiative offer an opportunity for integrated study; FMD Issues; Rural Review; Rural Delivery; Countryside Report; Holiday Accommodation

Helplines: - including FCN; - RABI;

Rural Conference and Countryside Reports 2004:- Conference on Rural Britain, issues and challenges for the future; migrant workers; Countryside Report 2004

Food for Thought 2002
Burning Issues 2002 and 2003:- Tourism; cash machines; transport; food additives; small abattoirs; GM crops; PO benefit payments, supermarkets, fuel rules etc

also Updates 2001 - 2002 - 2003


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